Seasons of Love


Winter wonderland or Fall colors? Summer waves or Spring flowers? Which season should you choose to tie the knot? We wanted to breakdown the pros and cons for each season to see which is the best for you to choose to celebrate your love in!

Seasons of Love


Winter wonderland or Fall colors? Summer waves or Spring flowers?  Which season should you choose to tie the knot?  We wanted to breakdown the pros and cons for each season to see which is the best for you to choose to celebrate your love in!


Spring – Late March – July


Things we love: Getting married in spring used to mean pretty pastels and peonies but now you can pick just about any color scheme you want in the Spring. If you like deep rich colors like orange and rust, try that color, but perhaps just with a lighter tone. Throw some little white daisies in your bouquet, and you’re right on trend for 2020!   Whimsical fairy like weddings in tents, wooded areas or meadows have really taken over, along with beautiful castle like venues that really come to life in the spring.  Décor opportunities can be endless, so there’s really no limit to what you can dream and achieve for your vision. The weather is usually not so warm, but not too cold where outside photos may be comfortable. If you and your fiancé choose late March/April, you may even be able to take advantage of off-season rates with some vendors!


Things to be mindful of: Have a backup plan for outdoor ceremonies in the case that there is colder weather than usual or rain in the forecast.  Having a clear wedding umbrella for yourself and your bridal party is key to being prepared!  We love this 'Love is in the air' umbrella by Kate Spade!

Kate Spade 'Love is in the Air' $38.08 on


Summer – July-Late September


Things we love: Sun, fun and love. Ahhh.. Summer. Summer weddings are beautiful. Your colors can be vibrant and loud, or soft and muted. Think the colors of a beautiful sunset scheme, or soft shades of greenery, pale pink and white.  If it’s the beach you seek, maybe think of having a destination wedding so that you can get a vacation and a wedding all in one. Tropical type themes with palm trees and neon signs are on the rise, and we love a good neon sign!  


Things to be mindful of:  July is usually thought of as too hot for a wedding month. You may find that if you choose July, that you need to think about what type of weather you will get and if you want to deal with it while in your wedding attire. If you hate the heat but still dream of a summer wedding, getting married at an indoor beach venue with air conditioning might be the best option for you!

We loved Ellen's dress choice! A beautiful open back is perfect for keeping cool for a summer wedding! *Photo, hair (Kristi) & makeup by Verve On Location


Fall- Late September – End of November


Things we love:  The best part about fall weddings is that the weather is usually the most gorgeous, making it a viable option to be able to host outdoor weddings on large pieces of property, in backyards or even at local greenhouse locations.  Beautiful dark reds, deep plums and even blues are the most popular colors of fall, but really you can have so many different options to choose from. Crisp signature drinks like apple cider sangria and pumpkin flavored dessert are fan favorites of ours here at verve!


Things to be mindful of: Fall is usually a fan favorite for a lot of brides-the colors, the cool weather, it’s all very beautiful and picturesque. Which is why it is also the most expensive of all wedding seasons.  If you are someone who wants a fall wedding, be prepared to pay top dollar, especially if you are someone who has your heart set on a Saturday night.  Then again, if you’re someone who is planning on a long engagement, it will give you a longer time frame to budget for.

The way the deep reds and greens in her bouquet play well with the fall scenery have us swooning! Photo by Sarah Canning Photo. Hair & Makeup by Verve On Location.


Winter – Late November - through March


Things we love: Winter weddings are the most cost effective and also hold such potential for beauty. The breathtaking view of couples in snow scenery under the trees is undeniable. Christmas trees and old vintage holiday vibes are VERY in right now – not to mention Gatsby is very much back in full swing.  It is the roaring 20’s after all! There is so much that can be done with a winter wedding, the color schemes are endless as you can do emerald greens, reds, jewel tones or muted soft combinations. Fur shawls for your bridal party can give a fabulous spin on the “game of thrones” vibe and be super fashionable for after the wedding. Winter is definitely the most under rated, but we really think it is probably the most beautifully done.


Things to be mindful of: Winter weddings seem to be the most under rated of the seasons, because the cold weather often deters couples from wanting to go outside. However, if you’re someone who would appreciate the beauty that an inside venue has around the holiday season, a winter wedding might just be best for you!  

No matter what season you choose, we at Verve are here to help make your vision come to life!