Save Your Skin from PPE


Brielle breaks it down to 5 tips on keeping your face and hands feeling clean, moisturized and fresh while wearing PPE. This was written with the intent of helping out our frontline workers. Now, with NJ beginning to re-open, we know there are going to be SO many of you wearing masks daily. It is not easy, and it is definitely not kind to your skin. Read on for your face and skin heroes!

PPE. It is, truly, one of the biggest things being talked about in America right now, in regards to Covid-19. That being said, PPE, or personal protective equipment, usually consists of a mask and gloves.  While this is protecting us and keeping us safe, it is also doing a number on our skin. From all the handwashing to the mask chafing, we have seen countless complaints from people. However, it is so important to be cautious right now, that we have come up with simple solutions for you to keep your skin clear and soft, all while keeping you safe!


           Tip 1: Clean, clean, clean, and then clean some more! – It is so important to wash your face before wearing a mask. It allows your skin to be cleansed prior to coming in contact with the mask. Same with your gloves, you should cleanse and moisturize your hands prior to putting them into a new pair of gloves. Not only will it protect your hands from germs, but it will help trap the moisture within the glove and help to soften your hands.  We recommend Davines Dedy Hand Wash for your hands which is hydrating, deep cleansing and protective.

Davines Dedy Hand Wash
Dedy Hand Wash can be purchased from our on-line store here $20



 Tip 2: Hyaluronic Acid is your friend. Hyaluronic acid is a supplement that is found in a lot of current skincare products, and is loved by beauty gurus and dermatologists alike.  It not only helps to make your skin look fresh and supple, but it helps to cure dry skin and allow your skin to retain moisture. It can also reduce redness and dermatitis,which can occur from wearing a mask consistently. Apply this hyaluronic acid after cleansing your face, then follow with moisturizer to ensure that it is sealed into the skin. There are tons of products out there that have hyaluronic acid, all from different price points. You can try it out for a lower price point first to reap the benefits. We recommend: Super Bounce by Glossier.

Super Bounce by Glossier
Super Bounce by Glossier is cruelty free, paraben free, hypoallergenic & dermatologist tested $28


           Tip 3: Vitamin E – If you are currently experiencing irritation, either on your face or your hands, one useful tip is to get your hands on some vitamin E tablets.Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can help to protect and repair your skin from any outside agents that may aggravate the skin. If you find that your PPE is leaving you with dry, raw and cracked skin, crush up a vitamin E tablet and take the gel inside and spread it over the affected areas of your skin.  Repeat this 2-3x per day for optimal results.



           Tip 4: Moisturize. If you haven’t already invested in a good moisturizer, it is time.  With all the hand washing, face cleansing, as well as showers that we are taking per day due to the current pandemic, your skin is by now, likely very dry. There are a ton of moisturizers out there, again at various price points to accommodate any budget. However, if you want to take it a step further, search for a moisture mask. After cleansing in the evening before going to bed,apply your toner and serum, then your moisturizer mask in place of your regular moisturizer. This will help to repair your skin while you sleep. Pro tip: even if you are oily, you still need to use moisturizer. In fact, your skin may be producing the excess oil in order to attempt to produce moisture in the skin.  We recommend Davines Authentic Moisturizing Balm. It can be used as a makeup remover as well as a moisturizer for the face, body and hair $28. One thing to keep in your bag for so many purposes! It is free of parabens & silicones and is 98% naturally derived.

Davines Authentic Moisturizing Balm
Davines Authentic Moisturizing Balm is multi-purpose. Purchase here for $28.


           Tip 5: Skip the makeup – If you are someone who needs to take appearance into consideration for your daily job, (even remotely from your couch) try applying less makeup for a few days, or only when necessary to be on camera. If you are still going into the office or are a healthcare professional on the frontlines, skipping makeup altogether is likely the best option. The fact that we must wear PPE to protect ourselves is real, and when makeup is underneath the gear that we wear, it rubs against it for the duration we are wearing it. This can not only clog your pores and cause breakouts, but it can cause bad skin infections. If you are a frontline worker, keep in mind that the world is so grateful to have your help that they will most definitely not notice that you’re not wearing makeup under your mask.


           Take good care of yourself, your families, and your skin! We at Verve sincerely hope you are staying safe and doing well.