Recap of Skincare Routines and Science with Asha Palms


Verve Luxe Artist Asha Palms is here to share all of her glorious skin care secrets! If you have not yet done so, head to our podcast with her on Spotify or Apple Podcasts (Vibe with Verve), link is in the blog post below. She shares the science and why you should be using specific products. We have added bonus content just for our amazing healthcare workers wearing those not so fashionable N95 masks right now. Your skin is taking a beating....please read through for some very useful tips! Treat this as your skincare shopping list...don't worry, she's even shared the links to all of these amazing products!

We are so excited to bring this recap of our most recent podcast with Asha Palms who is our resident skincare guru over at Verve On Location.  You'll want to first listen to the podcast to hear all of the amazing tips she has, then, come back here to make your shopping list! Listen on Spotify here or on Apple Podcasts here.

Asha Palms Artistry
Can we take a moment to appreciate Asha's glowing skin?!

During our chat with Asha she speaks about cleansing & toning....two things I personally took away are that oil cleansers are going to be my new bestie and double cleansing exists! 

Two products she loves in this category are:

Korres Wild Rose Makeup Melter Cleansing Oil
Korres Wild Rose Makeup Melter Cleansing Oil, photo credit Asha Palms

Asha educated us about the pH of our skin and why toners are so necessary, because your skin is basically in recovery mode after cleansing trying to restore it's natural pH, that's where toners come in to help to restore it right away and also reduce oil.

She also dished out the deets on moisturizers and how to choose one based off of your skin type and how often/when to use. 

One of her go to moisturizers is Glo Skin Beauty Phyto Active Light Moisture which will give hydration and radiance to any skin type.

Asha Palms Artistry
Just a few of her favorites, photo credit Asha Palms

We talk about serums vs. moisturizers vs. face oils , the scientific differences and whether or not you should be using some, or all of those products.  Spoiler alert, if you are in your 20s you are lucky enough to be in your preventative stage and should use eye creams to combat puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.  If you are in your 30s, get on it!!  Don't wait!  Asha also goes into the overhyped media and what you REALLY need to be looking for in your eye creams.  Fun fact, the skin under your eyes is the same as the skin on your lips and is super thin.  That being said, below are some of her favorite eye creams/eye rollers!

Serums are a more intense version of a moisturizer.  Moisturizer is made up of larger particles while serum particles are super small.  Due to that, serums are made to go deeper into the skin and will be more effective than your moisturizer.  Always use your serum first for this reason!  She also recommends face oils as a last step to seal the hydration in.  This is your final step and seals in all of your hard work while still allowing the skin to breathe.  Check out her favorite serums and facial oils below!

Can we chat a moment about her awesome tutorials that you can find on her instagram?


Now, for our amazing nurses, doctors and other healthcare frontline workers having to wear masks all day....she also gave us recommendations on your skin care routine.  Especially for those wearing the N95 mask which pushes into the skin resulting in skin indentations, redness and breaking.  You should cleanse at least twice a day, prior to when your mask goes on and again at night when it comes off.  Asha also goes in depth about the benefits of exfoliating and using a water based/gel based moisturizer.  One back to basics product she also recommends is Aquaphor to put a protective layer on the skin where your mask hits.  An alternative to Aquaphor is Honey Savior by Farmacy which has a great texture and a clean formula.

We are so happy to have Asha share her amazing skin care tips with us...we hope you head over to our podcast on Apple or Spotify to listen in and get all of the deets!

Asha Palms for Glo Skin Beauty
Asha Palms doin her thing with Glo Skin Beauty