Postponed Wedding Design Details with Lead Designer Erica


Postponed from spring/summer 2020 to a fall/winter 2021 wedding? Don't throw your whole vision away...listen to our podcast with Lead Designer Erica & check out this blog to learn some minor tweaks to bring your winter vision to life without breaking the bank!

Has your spring/summer 2020 wedding been postponed to fall or winter 2021?  We've had so many reach out with questions about how to redesign their vision without breaking the bank.  So, we bought our Lead Designer Erica on a podcast to chat allll about it!  You can catch the podcast here on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.  In today's blog we will review some of the details she spoke about and give you a few visuals.

You've had a hair & makeup trial and already decided on your final what?

Starting with your makeup...guess what...?  Just because you wanted to have a natural, lighter look for your spring/summer wedding doesn't mean you have to completely change that and spend $ on another trial.  You can easily take that same look and give it a winter feel by changing up your lip color to something bolder.  Even a berry color if you aren't comfortable with red totally gives your look a winter feel!  

For your hair style, if you originally wanted your hair up to compensate for the hot humid weather that you can easily change that into a half up or all down style and keep those shoulders warm in the winter!  Don't think you HAVE to do that...we have SO many winter brides that keep their hair up for the big day.  If you were only doing it because of the heat though, let your tresses down, girl!!

As for your bridesmaids, Erica also makes a good point that so many bridesmaids styles are versatile between seasons that simply changing up from an open toed shoe to a closed toe can give it a new look.  Dusty/slate blue, dusty rose and mint green have been a trend for bridesmaid dress colors and that can SO easily convert into a winter wedding!  If you feel like the girls may get chilly during photos...amp up the look with a faux fur shawl or pashmina!  They make for great photos and also keep the girls warm during photos!  

Bear Brook Valley Wedding
Our bride in a shawl at Bear Brook Valley, Fredon NJ - Photo Credit Kolen Photography

Your decor can also transition without a complete overhaul.  What's great is that venue's typically decorate for the holidays so you'll already be off to a great store!  We recommend contacting your venue and checking instagram photos to see what they typically do and then you can work around that. You can also add in fabrics to change up the feel which looks great on longer tables as well.  For winter, sheer linens are beautiful.  If your summer vision was slate blue, greenery and white for the summer, Erica recommends adding in a pop of mulberry with fabric or floral to bring that winter feel.  

Erica also loves the following florals which you can chat about with your florist to incorporate especially if your originally planned florals won't be in season.  

These florals can easily fit in with any color scheme:

  • Dusty Miller
  • Boxwood Leaf
  • Queen Anne Lace
  • Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
  • White Spray Rose
  • Small Leaf Eucalyptus

Winter additions to your bouquet

When you are looking to enhance your centerpieces or suite heart table...metallics all the way!!! Especially if you are on a budget at this point with everything else having been done already you can easily add in metallics with candle holders, frames for table numbers etc.  Also, don't forget, you can repurpose your florals from the ceremony! Post ceremony, have your wedding planner or someone else bring those pieces into your cocktail hour or reception space to repurpose them.

Easy winter wedding favors:

  • Thermoses (if you are serving a hot beverage at your dessert hour, get a custom thermos for your guests to take home!) Especially at the end of the evening, they can take their coffee or hot cocoa to go and have a gift as well!
  • Homemade cookies (bonus points for a family recipe!) add these to a mason jar to give from your family to theirs
  • Ornaments (combine wedding bells and jingle bells for a holiday touch!)
  • Anything edible really...

Next up, welcome drinks! You may have been thinking of iced tea or lemonade at the outdoor ceremony site to greet guests with.  Well, when it is not warm out those options are really considered refreshing anymore...they'd much rather have a comforting warm drink in hand such as hot cocoa or hot apple cider.

You also may want to think about your signature drink and switch that up, Erica gives recommendations like those below (and remember, don't choose a liquor that people wouldn't drink regularly, especially if you are bringing your own alcohol into the venue.  Choose liquors that people will already drink, but can be incorporated into the signature drink as well.

Signature Drink Recc's:

  • Drunk in Love (Raspberry Vodka, Champagne & a splash of cranberry), you can garnish with cranberries or a green herb for aesthetics
  • Tall & Handsome (Dark Rum & Ginger Beer)
  • Blushing Bride (peach schnapps topped with grenadine & champagne) *great to have a Blushing Bride & Tall and Handsome as a his and hers drink!
  • Prosecco & Apple Cider (love this for morning prep with the girls!)

Other things to think about when moving your wedding from the summer to winter are:

  • Weather!  You were not thinking of a snow storm or icy roads in July...however, November through March you need to keep that in mind.  Tack on additional travel time especially if your ceremony and reception are in different locations.  
  • Coat check! Not every venue offers this, especially if you are at a DIY wedding.  You may need to hire a company to do coat check or provide an area for guests to hang their coats.  In the summer this doesn't cross your mind...but any weddings October through April you will need to consider this.

Erica's parting words?

  • Stick with your original vision
  • BREATHE!!!! <---yes girl!!!!!
  • Take it moment by moment, everything will turn out beautifully
  • Stay cost effective, you don't have to change everything

Samantha was married in February...this is perfect inspo for your winter wedding look! Photo credit Charles Anthony Studio