Let's Talk About Skin, Baby


Bridal glow is a real thing. It is attainable, but requires a little bit of work. As a team of wedding specialists, we are often asked what to do to prepare for the big day. Here is a list some helpful tips that will have you putting your best face forward for your wedding day. It goes beyond cleansing,toning and moisturizing. Continue on to learn more about the recommended types of facials, beauty tips, waxing suggestions and more to ensure you are putting your best face forward on your wedding day.

Bridal glow is a real thing. It is attainable, but requires a little bit of work. 


As a team of wedding specialists, we are often asked what to do to prepare for the big day. Here is a list some helpful tips that will have you putting your best face forward for your wedding day:


1. Drink up! It is SO important to remember that in order to look our best, we need to feel our best.  To feel our best, our bodies need water. The more you drink, the more hydrated your skin will be. We recommend you get a travel water jug that keeps track of the number of bottles a day that you drink. You should try to at least drink 8 or more a day. Pro tip: if you’re a soda lover and miss the bubbles, try Pellegrino with a lime. It’ll give you the same crispness of soda and a boost in your water intake!

2. Moisture, moisture, moisture! You should always be using a moisturizer in your daily skincare regimen, no matter if you have oily or dry skin. The weeks leading up to your wedding, make sure to invest in a good moisturizing mask, even if it’s a little bit pricy, it’ll be worth the splurge. This will ensure your makeup will go on smoothly & last. Pro tip: Bring it on your honeymoon for the plane ride, it’s very dry in the air!

3. Exfoliate - It’s not just all about the moisturizer, it’s very much about smoothing the skin first. Exfoliating removes texture, regenerates your skin cells and reveals a smoother, younger looking version of you! Pro tip- if you are prone to breakouts, try out sensitive skin friendly brands first. Also, be sure to do this months before your wedding, as sometimes your skin may purge before it gets to looking it’s best!

4. Treat yo self! - The best prep to kick off your skincare regimen is always a facial. We recommend the hydrafacial, since it’s gentle and shows results within 2 hours! You should get one a few months before the wedding to test it out, and then one the week before. Pro tip: Ask your esthetician to diagnose your skin and give you their product recommendations to help cure imperfections prior to the big day! 

5. Don’t stress....eat. Diet has such a big impact on how our skin looks. A high sugar or dairy diet can really lead to some “friends” popping up on our faces. Sometimes it’s not just sugar or dairy, but an allergy to something else, that makes the skin break out. Pro tip: Vitamin E rich foods (such as trout, shrimp, avocados and sunflower seeds) are great for healthy skin. 

6. Set the tone- Make sure that you invest in a good toner that will control your skin and get it under control. Toner acts as an equalizer and balances the skin out. If you’re dry, a toner that will increase moisture will be great, such as rose water toner. Pro tip: Always be sure to have a professional look at your skin first and make a product recommendation. Using the wrong product can actually make your skin more sensitive and you’ll have to work twice as hard to get it under control. 

7. Take it off- Take off your makeup every night. Period. This shouldn’t be a thought anymore and should be an automatic reflex, something as natural as brushing your teeth. For every night you sleep with your makeup on you age your skin by a week. Not to mention all the bacteria that’s growing on your face from having your skin on the pillow. Taking your makeup off is essential to maintaining good skin. No matter how tired, tipsy or lazy we get. Pro tip: Keep a box of makeup wipes on the bedside table in your room. For the nights you’re too tired to get up at least you’ll be able to wipe it off.

8. Sleep- That’s right! Sleep also affects the way our skin looks. If you’re only getting a few hours a night, you definitely need to up your game. Making sure you sleep and get enough rest is important to not have your skin look dull and tired. If you’re not at your best your skin won’t be either. Pro tip- Some teas can be very relaxing and green tea antioxidants boost your mood & your skin. Look for a tea to help you get some z’s!

9. Whip it into shape! Working out is on most people’s minds when planning a wedding. You know what’s not? Having clogged pores from working out with your makeup on. Make sure to take off all your makeup before getting on the treadmill. When we sweat, all pores are opened. This means that all your pores are being clogged with the makeup you have on. Pro tip: Keep a travel size package of makeup wipes in your glove box or gym bag (yes, in addition to the one on your nightstand.) You’ll thank us later! 

10. When waxing - Making sure your eyebrows, lip and everything else looks flawless before the big day seems like a chore. Making sure it’s done a week before your wedding sounds impossible! However, we’ve seen many brides who have bumps or irritation from their wax appointment. Making sure that your wax technician uses a calming agent when they’re finished is essential. Pro tip: Schedule your wax appointment in advance to be sure you have it done. You’ll be happy knowing that past you was looking out for future you.


We LOVE knowing our brides look and feel their best. We hope these tips will be able to help you do just that as you plan your big day!