Brielle's Top 5 Tips for Surviving Quarantine


Lead planner Brielle has come up with her top tips for taking care of your mind (& nails) throughout this crazy time. #5 might just be our favorite....

These past few months have felt equivalent to an entire year– and not a great one.  We can all likely agree that we’re in need of a very large spa day when this quarantine is all over; but what if we could find ways to pamper ourselves and foster our well being, while being stuck inside? We at Verve have come up with our top tips for taking care of your mind (& nails) throughout this crazy time.


1)    Get creative! – One great way to stay calm during quarantine is to tap into your creativity.  I, personally, love to paint and draw, but with my busy schedule just never could find the time.  However, during this quarantine, I have essentially started a small business called “paint your pet” where my family and friends have all sent me pictures of their animals to paint. There is something about being able to let go and focus on something that I can control myself, that truly allows me to clear my mind. If painting isn’t exactly your thing, you can always try coloring books, drawing, or even taking your creativity to different rooms in your home. Perhaps you’ve been eyeing your kitchen paint color and wishing you had time to freshen it up! Maybe you want to create a better way to organize your clothes or shoes – either way, Amazon is still delivering various art supplies and storage tools so that your time at home can be productive and creative.

Painting by Brielle of Shirley & Darla


2)    Sunday Brunch- One thing I have found to be very helpful is to have something to look forward to each week. So on Sundays, I have made it a point to cook a big breakfast of pancakes from scratch, bacon,eggs, etc. It sounds corny, but my husband and I sit and have mimosas, while trying to avoid all Covid related topics for that meal and try to enjoy the good things that happened that week. Setting aside a special time every week to not focus on Covid is very crucial to everyone’s well being. You can even FaceTime your girls and put together a Sunday Brunch crew so that you all can catch up on how everyone is doing! It is so important right now to check in on friends and family to make sure they are in a good headspace, and having a weekly touch base with them is a great way to do just that. Pro tip: If you are out of champagne (or wine, and we sincerely hope you are not!) try calling local liquor stores to see if any places deliver to you. I personally have found one close to me that will deliver within 5 miles for free, or outside the 5 mile mark for only $5.00!

Mimosa's anyone?!


3)    Workout! – Because gym’ are closed right now, there’s never been a better time to sign up for a subscription to an at home workout service of some kind. For me, I have always loved taking Pure Barre classes, and now I actually have more time to take them, because I subscribed to their at home service. I am able to watch a pre-recorded video, or sign up for a Livestream class from my studio, and workout from the comfort of my home.I actually even find that I enjoy this more, especially with something more challenging or that I’ve never tried before. What’s great is that for the first 7 days, I can actually try it out free, and then after that it’s only $29 a month, and I can cancel at any time. There are tons of free trials and package deals going on right now, from fitness apps and local specialty workout studios.  By setting aside an hour or less a day to workout your body, you’re also helping to ease your mind of stress. P.s. – when my gym reopens, I likely will use this service instead of the gym, just because it’s more schedule friendly (and cleaner!)


4)    DIY Mani/Pedis! - By now, there’s no doubt that you’re likely in need of a manicure and pedicure (Then again, who isn’t always up for one?!) Fill up a bucket or your tub with some warm water and suds and soak your feet! You can even put some Epsom Salt or bath salts in there to make it that much better. Go on your fave polish site and see what colors are in style this season! Almost all retailers are having sales or discounts at the moment, and while you may have to wait a few days, you’re still able to get your order. ProTip: For your nails, try using olive oil as your cuticle oil and soaking your fingers in a bowl of warm water. You actually can even do this for your hands as well, because they’re likely a bit raw from hand washing!


5)    Finally, foster a pet! If you find that your home is a bit lonely, or if you are spending the quarantine by yourself, the best thing that quarantine can bring you (besides good health) is a new furry friend! There are hundreds of shelters looking for foster parents right now, so it might just be the perfect time for you or your family to think of fostering or even adopting a new pet! Try researching all nearby shelters and seeing if there is a way you can help. Most times, if someone adopts a new pet, they have a difficult time with training it and managing their schedules with work and other obligations. Now, with everyone working from home, it is the perfect time to dedicate to spending time with a pet to make sure they are welcomed into your new home. Fostering or adopting can be a great way to ease your stress,not only during quarantine, but in general. Just be sure that if you’re thinking of fostering, that you’re prepared to fall in love and maybe make their foster home a permanent one!